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PurpleTranslation Services

The best translation services break taboos. 

Purple Translation Services (formerly named Purple Audiovisual Translations) started as a business in 2019 and rebranded during the lockdown to bring translation and feminism closer together. Fair prices, superior quality, no taboos and exceptional customer service guaranteed!


Why did we change our brand identity? As we grew as a business and new members joined, so did our core areas of specialisation.

As the audiovisual field was no longer our only field of expertise, and as we were also managing our Generistas brand, we decided to create a brand that would unify both ideas: a feminist business group with the three core specialisations that we talk about on Generistas: women’s rights and health, education and media or journalism.

Today, GeneristasbyPurple is a vlog that aims to bring feminism closer to the translation field, as well as other such as sports or education.

That's how Purple Translation Services was created, and we are here to stay!

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Purple Translation Services is a women-owned business that we created with one purpose: breaking taboos by translating content about topics such as feminism and the menstrual cycle, that not many people want to speak about so openly.

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Purple Translation Services is inclusive and international, starting from our staff. Proof of this is that we are from different nationalities (Spanish and Argentinian), and we are located in three different countries (Denmark, Argentina, and the United Kingdom).

This said, our clients are based worldwide, so don't hesitate to read more about us and contact us if you have any question, regardless of where you are from or based. We will be glad to assist!


(Note: The schedule has been agreed according to the U.K. time zone, but because we live in countries with different time zones, we do our best to be available during a wide time frame. For more information, please e-mail us.)

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