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So ladies, what is it that you do? And why should I check your blog?” — Those are really great questions!

Apart from translating and managing our day-to-day tasks, at Purple Translation Services, we have one purpose: to help people understand how the translation business works and why we love what we do. Wondering how we can help you? You name it!

  • Introducing beginner colleagues to the profession? DONE!
  • Explaining how we set up the rate for translation services? DONE!
  • Talking about how to be professional and promote a feminist vision of how language works? DONE!
  • Talking about why Menstrual Health is so important? DONE!

Do you have a suggestion for us? Is there a specific topic that you would like to read about? Please don't hesitate to email us and let us know! :) 

Becoming a translator: Lesson 1x01

Becoming a translator: Lesson 1×01

Every new translator or interpreter has a million questions when they graduate from university, which is completely normal! Allow us to summarise and answer some of those questions!

Can we be inclusive and professional?

We talk about inclusive language, but is it possible (and compatible) with the translation business? Definitely! Let us show you why!

Becoming a translator: Lesson 1x01

What's the estimated price of a translation job?

There are several factors that we have to consider before we can prepare a quotation for a translation job. Are you wondering what these are?

Can Media help create a more gender inclusive culture? 

Society is constantly changing, and this has proven to be a challenge for some, but it also showed that Media companies could help create an inclusive culture, and so can translators. How?

Becoming a translator: Lesson 1x01

How important is Menstrual Health and Hygiene day?

Every May 28th, we celebrate the Menstrual Health and Hygiene Day.

This means a lot to us for several reasons. 
Keep reading to find out why!