Can Media help create a

gender-inclusive culture?

Can Media help create an inclusive culture?Source:

Can Media help create a gender-inclusive culture? Source:

We live in a continually changing society, and this has proven to be a challenge for some. Still, it also showed that Media could help create a gender-inclusive culture, and so can translation companies.

Not only in the topics they both talk about but also in how they use language to describe certain social phenomena.

First of all, what does being gender-inclusive mean?

This term might seem one of the latest trends that we are all suddenly talking about. However, it comes from the late Medieval Latin term "inclusive." Inclusion means "the fact or policy of providing equal opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise not get them, for example, people who are disabled or belong to minority groups." (Source: Oxford dictionaries).

In the same way that we should always proofread the content before it appears on whatever platform a company uses to share (TV, website, YouTube...), the tone of voice and the vocabulary used will be as important.

How can Media create a more gender-inclusive culture?

Although Media companies decide what to publish and broadcast, the way a piece is transmitted often determines the perception that people will have of a specific Communications company. Sometimes, Media companies will need to translate specific pieces to explain to their audience what happened on the opposite side of the world.

In this line, translators can help companies be more inclusive by ensuring the content speaks to everyone by choosing terms that will exclude specific sectors of the prospective audience. For example, by using the word "people" instead of "men and women", the Media will contribute to a universalisation of the content in a society where some people don't consider themselves either men or women. 

By choosing those words, the brand will genuinely speak to them and, therefore, keep their attention for much longer.

How can Purple Translation Services help the Media create a gender-inclusive culture?

At Purple Translation Services, we count on a +4-year experience in Media translation and +6-year expertise in copywriting, and we have recently launched a new service called INCLUPRO.

It includes coaching sessions, content samples and social media campaigns for Media and Marketing brands to create a gender-inclusive culture for their audiences and teams. 

By working with us, you will benefit from us finding gender-inclusive topics that will attract your audience towards your content and guide your company so that you can become more familiar with this new concept.

This service is available in English and Spanish, and it consists of:

  1. Free first meeting: Introduction and first brief brainstorming. Duration: ~45 min.
  2. LIST OF IDEAS + TOPICS (10) (~2 hours of work each). 
  3. Three meetings where we can discuss what approach you wish to take and adapt your content to create a more gender-inclusive culture for your brand and your audience. (~1 hour each meeting with the three of us). 
  4. Creation of three articles and three social media campaigns. (~2 hours of work each).

Any questions? Please send us an email! We will respond to all your queries within the shortest delay!

Author: Veronica Manzanares.