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Ariadna Tagliorette


Welcome! My name is Ariadna Tagliorette, I am the founder of the #menstruanslation project.

I am passionate about communication and I love helping authors spread their message through different cultures.

I help writers and business owners from different parts of the world to break taboos and communicate their thoughts to new audiences; crossing borders, reaching out to millions of people both in English and in Spanish.

I can help you with translations, content creation and copywriting. I specialise in women’s health, wellness, feminism, and travel. So, if you write about these issues, we’ll be a perfect fit!

Language combination:

English <> Spanish (LATAM)

Veronica Manzanares 


This is London calling! If you are a media company, hospital, family planning clinic, travel agency or London council, then, keep reading because we need to talk :)

I help companies and public institutions by translating, proofreading or interpreting content in the areas of Journalism, Medicine, Tourism, Feminism and Women Rights and I use my passion for languages, travelling and women rights to deliver high-quality results that help my clients share their messages with the rest of the world. 

Do you have a message to spread and need a reliable and detail-oriented professional to help you at a competitive rate? Let’s chat!

Language combination:

English <> Spanish (Spain)

Spanish (LATAM)> English/Catalan

French/Catalan<>English/Spanish (Spain)

Paula Renaud


Hello, everybody! I am Paula Renaud, an English<>Spanish Sworn Translator and a student of EFL Teaching.

Translating is one of my true passions; I consider that it is extraordinary to help people communicate, understand each other, and share their ideas. 

I specialize in law, education, and feminism. All of these are social issues that can really help to make a difference in this world and it makes me happy to be part of such change. I have attended several courses regarding these topics and I continue receiving training on a constant basis. You can never stop learning!

If you need a professional to help you get your message through, do not hesitate to contact me! You can count on me to do my very best in order to meet all your needs and get a high-quality translation.

Language combination:

English<>Spanish (LATAM)


Gabriela Kouhala


💻Certified Translator since 2010📜

Member of the French Society of Translators and a big coffee-lover, I help entrepreneurs, companies or start-ups to reach the French or Romanian market, by translating their brochures, product manuals, websites, apps and blog articles.

As a certified translator, I translate personal and administrative documents, contracts, diplomas and certificates.

🔬🧪Scientific Proofreader since 2018🧬🔭

I'm part of the LabSTIC (Computer Science) research laboratory team as a proofreader and linguistic consultant, and in
2019, I became a member of the editorial committee of the International Journal of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

As one of my clients, Remon, said: I'm a doer!👌


Language combination:

English > French/Romanian
French <> Romanian

Fernanda Gonçalves


Do you want your brand to successfully reach the Portuguese market?

Nice to meet you! I am Fernanda, your Portuguese voice, 100% made in Portugal.

I help companies to reach Portuguese-speaking audiences through translation, localisation, transcreation, and editing services.
I specialise in Education, Healthcare, Marketing, and Tourism & Travel.

With tailor-made services and a personal touch, I am the Portuguese voice you have been waiting for. Get in touch!

Language combination:
English > Portuguese (Portugal)